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Why Vitalcheque?

We are a no nonsense firm that tells it how it is. If you want a product that we don’t believe is in your best interest and we can’t convince you of such, we’ll tell you to find someone else to deal with.

Our customers have come to respect and value our advice because they have witnessed, in many cases first hand, that our direct approach always places their interests first. We have never compromised our principles for higher commissions or other incentives and never will.

"Smoke and mirrors" or sneaky "fine print" policies, which are often associated with Insurance products are not our style. Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. We make it simple and easy to understand, because we don’t want you to experience future surprises, which are frequently costly.

We respect that consumers want value for their money and our standard operating procedure is to not recommend anything that we wouldn’t purchase ourselves, under the same circumstances. We practice the principle that a well informed consumer, one that is provided with all the information necessary to make an intelligent insurance related decision, becomes the best client.

Our reputation of devotion to quality and service has made it possible for us to forge excellent long term relationships with many top ranked national and international insurance companies. So you can be confident we have a wide selection of products to fit all situations.

As specialists in our field, we have researched, analyzed and designed numerous products for over a dozen carriers. You can rest assured that we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you guaranteed protection and quality service, objectively, confidentially and with maximum cost efficiency.

If you’ll permit us, we’d like to become "your silent partners in life" and "your living benefits specialists."