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Critical Illness Insurance
Eligibility Test

Are You Eligible For Critical Illness Insurance?

Take The Eligibility Test And Find Out!

Critical Illness (C.I.) Insurance applications are assessed differently than Life Insurance applications.

Life Insurance statistical records have been in existence for over 300 years. C.I. Insurance was just invented in 1982. C.I. claims statistics and underwriting experiences are still evolving. Benefits are paid based upon the diagnosis of any one of a number of covered conditions, regardless of severity, degree of disability or ability to work. Benefits are paid in a lump sum, tax free, usually 30 days after confirmation of the diagnosis.

This 10 point pre-screening exercise will help determine if you are eligible for a personal C.I. Insurance policy. The exercise analyzes the following factors:

  1. Age , Gender and Smoking status
  2. Build (Height and Weight)
  3. Present Health Vitals
  4. Personal Health History
  5. Family Health History
  6. Lifestyle (Occupation / Sports & Hobbies)
  7. Driving Record
  8. Alcohol use
  9. Drug use
  10. Travel destinations

Let's start Eligibility Test