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Stress Check

Today's hectic fast paced life styles are fuelling the soaring incidents of acute illnesses. It's estimated that approximately 40% of Heart Attacks are stress induced.

Good news! Our unique STRESSCHECK card let's you monitor your level of stress. In just 10 seconds it indicates your stress level by turning one of four colours - Blue, Green, Red or Black.

The card is wallet size and can be kept on your person at all times so you'll be able to discover what or who is casusing your stress.

On the back of the card are 6 important questions, the Answers to which can be found in the section "Critical Illness" on this website.

If you'd like a free STRESSCHECK card  simply send a stamped, self address envelope to:

Megacorp Insurance Agencies Inc.
Attn: Vitalcheque Cards
2904 South Sheridan Way, Suite 302
Oakville, Ontario Canada L6J 7L7