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President's Message

Dear Viewer:

How would you feel if you, or someone close to you, desperately needed and wanted something that couldn't be purchased at any price?

Every day, hundreds of Canadians suffer a life altering event, such as heart attack, stroke or cancer. Although most will recover, recovery is often lengthy and expensive.

Just imagine what would happen if you had to suddenly stop work for an indefinite period? For most the financial impact would be substantial, even disastrous.

Critical Illness Insurance is designed to provide the financial assistance that critically ill patients need to put the associated stress and difficulties behind them and focus on their recovery.

A recent poll found a startling 89% of Canadians have had a family member or friend suffer a critical illness. What's even more astonishing is that, according to Industry statistics, less than 2% have protected themselves with either Critical Illness or Long Term Care Insurance.

Don't wait until something happens and its too late. Don't gamble and don't procrastinate because the odds are too high!

Your very truly,

Dick Gilbert
Product designer
C.I. & LTC specialist