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Vitalcheque-Group C.I.


“The financial safety net for a medical crisis!”

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VitalCheque is the ultimate in Critical & Chronic Illness protection insurance
VitalCheque can be purchased as either a Basic Plan or as an Enhanced Plan.


You can elect any of several options:

(a) Mandatory plan,        

(b) Optional Plan, or

(c) Combination of Mandatory & Optional plans. 

The total coverage, whether an individual plan or a combination of plans, cannot exceed $100,000 per life insured


1.)  Mandatory Group plan:


A mandatory plan covers all eligible employees without any required proof of good health.  A specific dollar amount limit is predetermined based upon the size of each group.  The group rate will be a composite rate determined based upon the gender and age mix of the specific group.


Issue ages are to age 69 inclusive and benefits expire at age 70.


True Group Size

Guaranteed Issue basis

(any amount between)

Pre-Existing Conditions (months)

10 to 49 Lives

$10,000 and$50,000*


50 to 299 Lives

$10,000 and $100,000*


300 & over Lives

$10,000 and $100,000*



*NOTE: Individual selection i.e. by employee will not be allowed.  One benefit amount must be selected by “class” of employees and there cannot be more than a “3 times” benefit difference by class.  “Class” is defined either by title or occupational description. Either a Basic or Enhanced plan option must be selected for the entire group.


2.)  Optional Group plan:


An optional plan is available as a top up to a mandatory plan or by itself.  Any amount between $25,000 and $100,000 (in units of $5,000) is available, subject to the completion and approval of a Critical Illness Statement of Health.  Rates will be based on gender (Male/Female), smoking status (Smoker/Nonsmoker), age (5 year age bands), and option selected, Basic or Enhanced.


a) Optional True Group:


There must be a minimum of 5 insured lives for an optional group plan to be implemented or used to top up a mandatory plan.


b) Optional Affinity/Association Group:


An optional plan is only available for Associations or Affinity programs involving 100 or more insured lives.

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