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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Q. What is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a Critical Illness plan?
A. A policy's definitions of covered events is the most important factor to consider when purchasing Critical Illness Insurance. 38% of denied claims are due to the definitions.
Q. What are my odds of suffering a Critical Illness prior to retirement?
A. Your chances of sufferinga Critical Illness prior to age 65 are 1 in 4. You have a 10 times greater chance of suffering a Critical Illness than of dying before age 65.
Q. If given two plans to choose from and both cover the same conditions why shouldn't I pick the cheapest plan?
A. Sometimes plans cover the same conditions; but, you must be careful of how they pay claims. For example, one plan might pay 30 days after Parkinson's Disease is diagnosed and another might not pay for Parkinson's Disease unless you are institutionalized, which might not occur for many years.
Q. My wife and I are in our 60's, which should we purchase a Critical Illness or LTC insurance plan?
A. If you are in good health and age 65 or under, we would recommend Critical Illness because your chances of suffering a Critical Illness after 65 are 4 in 5, or 80%.

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