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Profile #1 of Critical Illness Insurance Claim
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"I wanted to write this letter to thank you very, very much for presenting the critical illness product to me. I have always considered insurance as a gamble, especially since I was immortal. Over my 50 years, I have never been seriously ill, never been in the hospital or even had a broken bone. In my mind I would live forever. Bad things only happen to other people.

Let me tell you how reality slaps you in the back of the head when you hear, “. . . . . .the tumor is malignant!” Diseases don’t care who you are, how healthy you think you are or how rich you are.

Changing some of my life insurance to the critical illness policy made perfect sense to me because cancer, heart disease and a plethora of other diseases are claiming victims at an increasingly alarming rate. You don’t realize this until you have a disease. It’s like owning a red Ford - you don’t notice them until you own one.

The gamble was, would I or wouldn’t I contract one of these diseases.

Well, surprise, surprise . . . No one is immortal. No one is immune. And $200,000 sure took away some stress that would have been there.

Thanks again Martin, and feel free to use this letter if it convinces others of the value in this type of insurance!”

Sincerely, P.G.,