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Critical Humor....
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A recently divorced executive was walking along the beach, when he noticed the top of a bottle sticking out of the sand. He pulled the bottle out of the sand and uncorked it.

Immediately there was a cloud of smoke and a Genie appeared. The Genie said that he had been imprisoned for over 3000 years, and because the executive had freed him, he was going to grant him three wishes; however, whatever the executive wished for, the Genie would have to grant his wife the same wish “ten fold”.

The executive informed the Genie that he was divorced; but, the Genie said that didn’t matter and he would still have to grant the “ten fold” wishes to the man’s ex-wife. The man finally agreed to these terms because as he said “I’ve already paid the lawyers and everything has been settled”.

The Genie asked the man for his first wish. He said he wanted a beautiful 10,000 square foot home located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Poof! Suddenly the man was standing in a gorgeous home in the foothills, and the Genie then said “and your ex-wife will now be given a 100,000 square foot home”. The man sarcastically said as long as she wasn’t his neighbor he didn’t care.?