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Broker Inquiries
Megacorp is a multi-company Life Brokerage firm specializing in the corporate, professional and estate planning markets.

Megacorp has been continuously acting as a GA, MGA and exclusive MGA for a number of carriers since 1980.

Megacorp trains, educates and distributes products through hundreds of high caliber, upscale Agents/Brokers, investment dealers and mutual fund representatives.

Megacorp’s unrivalled experience with individual Critical Illness Insurance has led it to create and distribute a unique Group C.I.I. plan called VitalCheque.

Megacorp also has extensive knowledge of Life Insurance products and designed the first Term 10 R & C and the first Term 20 R & C products, along with many others, in Canada.

Megacorp has accumulated a vast knowledge of underwriting procedures and assessments through its connections with both direct writing carriers and reinsurers.

If you are a Life Agent/Broker and interested in using our services for one or more of the carriers that Megacorp represents, please contact us by completing the information section below.

If you are a GA or MGA and would like to provide VitalCheque, Group C.I.I., to your producers, please contact us by completing the information section below.

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